New Hope Community Fellowship
Thursday, July 25, 2024
Developing Disciples for Kingdom Deployment


In worship, it is our goal to get those who enter into our fellowship to make the exaltation of God in their lives and submit to Gods authority the supreme purpose of their lives. This is demonstrated by faithful participation in corporate and individual worship. Worship is the key ingredient for the life of the church. In fact, we were created to worship.
Fellowship is the mutual sharing of the life of Christ among believers because of the commonality in Christ. It is our goal to share our mutual life as family members in the body of Christ through the local church. The church is the place where believers are members of one another, where they are devoted to one another, where they honor one another, where they have the same mind of one another, where they accept one another, where they greet one another, and serve one another. It’s our goal to promote true fellowship, which occurs when what is preached from the pulpit is happening among the members in the pews.
Christian Education
It’s our goal that each member grows in biblical literacy and its application in their lives. Participation in Christian Education through New members’ class, Discipleship classes, Sunday school is expected of our members. It’s critical for believers to be educated in order to fight spiritual battles through biblical knowledge.
 Community Outreach
It is our goal that each member serve in one area of ministry of the church, so as to further the ministry of NHCF both internally to our membership for the building up the local body, and externally to the community and world for the salvation of soul and the bettering of society.